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Application description: This application allows us to create a completely random, basic character profile to easily fit into any kind of Role Play Game. The character will have several traits such as weight, height, gender, family, age, etc and will include a series of main skills such as strength, agility, dexterity, intellect, charisma, etc. It will also include some outstanding traits, for example swordsmanship or horseback riding.At the end of the process, a PDF file is created, ready for download and editing including all your character’s details.

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The APP gives the necessary tools for the creation of a character sheet as a pdf file. The end user holds the overall responsibility for its use.

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We have carefully created this APP with all of our heart and effort so that you can enjoy it for free. Within its guts, there are thousands of code lines ensuring everything works seamlessly. To help with our work, we have chosen non-intrusive ads plus the possibility of donations. Regarding privacy, our app does not gather any personal data, in fact, there is no need to register (at the moment). Advertisement comes via the usual bottom bar you might have seen in many other applications before. At Lincenet, we have created our APP “RPG Character Maker” as a non-ads service given to you “as is” with no cost. 


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As you can see, our APP does not ask for any of your personal details at any point, we are only interested in your player name or character name, which means we do not gather personal information. The final pdf generated with your character sheet will remain on our server for a while to be then deleted.


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