RPG Character Maker

A quick and easy app for role playing in minutes.

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Check out our random mode

Your RPG character sheet in PDF format in seconds.

Different ways to create your character sheet

Percentage system allows the automatic generation of a semi-random character sheet for the 100 sided dice gameplay.

Random system generates a character sheet with all the basic traits randomly.

Custom system allows the creation of your character, choosing some basic traits yourself.

Quick Character Sheet

Create a standard character randomly in less than a minute with just one click, ready to use in any of your adventures.

Add variety to your game fast and easy.

Customize your base traits

In custom mode, you will have to fill in a script with your character’s base traits to tell who he is and how he fits in the game.

Tailor your character’s traits

Our neat traits system allows you to tune all your character’s features, define abilities and temperament to easily fit into any RPG regardless of the game system.

Make your own story

Include meaningful situations and important events into your character’s life marking a turning point in his development and shaping his very unique background.

All of this will help you create a whole character very easily.

Full traits distribution

In the percentage system, you will configure all your character’s traits in a deeper and more complex way, assigning points through a well-balanced and standard structure.

Percentage traits system

Delve into your character’s skills with our percentage system and its traits distribution mode.